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Oakland’s Waste Reduction Efforts Continue Through Apartment Communities

Digested from “Oakland Begins Zero Waste Apartment Composting Program”
Axiometrics (9/25/15) Sorter, Dave

All Oakland-area apartment communities with at least five units have received composting carts as part of the city’s Zero Waste program. Properties with at least 13 units received a 64-gallon cart; those with fewer than 13 received a 32-gallon cart. Additional carts are available upon request for free.

Oakland piloted the program in July 2014 in 480 communities. The goal is to have less than 10 percent of recyclable waste in the trash by 2020. Other local cities, such as Alameda, Emeryville and Piedmont, have already brought recyclable waste to 5 percent or less. And California metros such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose are already receiving high marks for their waste reduction efforts.

Oakland has a history with waste reduction. City native Paul Palmer coined the term “zero waste” in the 1970s and established the Zero Waste Institute, which provides reuse recommendations for different materials. And as the program grows,  the recycling industry will as well, and that can help boost job growth.

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