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Fitness Equipment: Bacteria. Yuck.

Fitness Equipment

Digested from Southern Living

If your community has high-traffic fitness equipment, make sure it is clean, otherwise residents could start to gossip.

How clean is your fitness room? If it’s not used too often, you’re in good shape. Get it?

But for communities with high-traffic fitness equipment, residents could start to gossip about its tidiness. Southern Living magazine recently reported on a study conducted by NBC’s “Today” show on equipment and the results were somewhat disgusting.

“In theory, every gym-goer wipes down their equipment after each use, but how many people actually do? And how germ-ridden is your favorite piece of machinery?”

Using a germ-meter and swabs, equipment was tested. Any reading above 100 is considered beyond the acceptable level of bacteria.

“The thing people don't realize is, if you're working out, if you think about it, you rub your eyes, you rub your nose, you scratch your mouth, that's how the bacteria germs get into your body," NBC correspondent Dr. John Torres told Today. “Once they get in to your body, you get the flu or whatever is there.”

The free weights scored 242; the mats were 248; the elliptical came in at 268.

The biggest surprise came from one of the most popular machines in the gym: the treadmill. Bacteria levels on its buttons registered 2,134.

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