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What to Do If You Are Running Late

Early and clear communication

Digested from Moneyish

Start by picking up the phone, then follow a couple of simple steps.

Recent examples of people being late, such as Lord Michael Bates’ resignation from the House of Lords, have put tardiness in the news recently.

If you happen to be you late you should not have to resign, as Bates did, but you should pick up the phone, call your boss and tell him or her that you are running late. 

“Early, clear communication with your boss about why you’re late, what time you’ll arrive and how you’ll make up the lost time is the most important thing to do,” Celia Ward-Wallace, Certified Life and Business Coach and Co-Founder of financial education company Sacred CEO Association, tells

Moneyish writer Monica Chin.

When figuring out the time you will arrive, remember to leave some wiggle room. You can also offer to help on your way to the office. If you are missing a conference call, for instance, offer to call in and mute the phone when you are not talking.

“Once your boss is informed, see if there’s any way you can help your team from the bus or subway,” Chin writes.

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