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Using Newsletters to Grow Your Business

Newsletters Strategy

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A newsletter that is properly targeted can help establish your expertise among many other benefits.

If you want to get in front of potential clients, investors or residents, you may want to consider a newsletter, suggests Theresa Barnes.

Before compiling the newsletter, it is important to consider the audience target.

“Are you trying to attract investors to your company? You can provide industry-specific information that investors want to read about,” Barnes writes for “Are you trying to stay on the forefront of your current clients’ minds so that you can increase client retention? You may want to write updates about your company that your current clients will appreciate.”

Finding a target audience is important, but compiling a distribution list is also essential. Barnes suggests including a sign-up form on your website for persons interested in receiving the news.

With a successful newsletter launch, a manager can be positioned to receive referrals from current clients, who will forward the information to peers. If the newsletter content is engaging, it can also help a manager establish their expertise.

“It’s a great way to touch base with prospects who would have otherwise dropped out of your marketing funnel,” Barnes writes. “You may have prospects who have stopped returning your calls but are still reading your newsletter. They aren’t ready to sign an agreement now, but your newsletter still holds their attention. Nurturing those prospects keeps them in your funnel, and some of them will become clients later.”

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