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Click & Lease Transfer Request

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Request for Transfer of Click & Lease License Packet

The transfer process can start with either the existing management/owner initiating the process by completing an “Authorization for Transfer of License”, or the future management/owner initiating the process by completing a “Request for Transfer of License” and “New Order Form”. Both of which must be completed and received at NAA by the effective date to successfully transfer the license.

Message to the EXISTING owner/management company:

Transferring an existing Blue Moon license provides the new license holder with access to all information currently stored and accessible within the program. This includes any remaining forms/clicks, time left on the existing annual license, and system settings such as defaulted lease information. The new license holder would also have access to all captured and stored resident data.

Message to the FUTURE owner/management company:

As the new owner/management company of the property using the Blue Moon Software license, you are hereby requesting that the program license be transferred to you. Blue Moon Software understands that you and the original/current owner of the program license agree upon its transfer. You attest that the rights to the program license, including any remaining data, remaining forms/clicks, log in information, program license expiration date, open invoices associated with the license and copies of the program either installed on a pc or on a cd have been assigned to you by the previous Blue Moon Software license owner.

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