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NAA Member Supports Pet Disaster Relief Program

Last September, AKC Reunite launched its AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailer Program to donate fully stocked mobile trailers that provide emergency pet sheltering solutions in the event of fires, storms, explosions, etc.  

Nori Goodhue, Membership Director of the Property Management Association of West Michigan, serves on the Board of Directors for Greater Muskegon Kennel Club and has made a recommendation for the club to donate at least $1,000 to purchase a trailer for her local community. She is also encouraging apartment industry members to consider supporting the program.

“This is an opportunity for our industry to be diligent, be prepared and do the right thing for the residents in our apartment communities,” Goodhue says. “Pets, companion animals, therapy animals, service animals and assistance animals—whatever their label, they are dearly loved and cared for by the people who choose apartment living.” 

AKC Reunite has pledged $250,000 over the next two years to assist with funding. After raising funds, AKC Reunite will work with clubs to help members present the trailers to local officials.