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Your Building’s Pipes Are About to Fail: Watch for These Red Flags

piping systems

Digested from “Top Five Signs You May Need a Repipe”
Multifamily Insiders (2/16/16) Griffith Jr., John V. 

Maintenance teams and property owners often forget about piping systems. But just because they’re underground and out of sight doesn’t mean pipes don’t exist. It’s important to listen to what they are telling and showing you. It may be time to repipe. 

Water conditions are a classic telltale sign of a problem. If water output suddenly drops or the temperature in a unit’s shower starts fluctuating rapidly, corrosion may be to blame. If you notice discolored water, it may be caused by corroded metal flaking from a pipe’s interior. 

Minor leaks are often disregarded but, especially in older buildings, a recurring leak is a sign that a plumbing system is about to fail. Plumbing fixtures or pipes that make noise is another big red flag. 
If any of these issues mentioned above come up, it’s important to take steps to inspect your plumbing system and fix any problems. 

In the long run, it will save you money and help you avoid any wide-scale plumbing disasters. 

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