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Word-of-Mouth Is the Ultimate Marketing Factor

Consumer opinions — and their easy accessibility — are far more important in marketing than they were in the previous market-driven environment.

Gone are the days of slick advertising promotions, a la Mad Men. Today’s marketing favors authenticity, correctness and quality over new and shiny.

Consumers are relying more heavily on word-of-mouth from friends and family than on TV spots and marketing language. The business world has become much more transparent, Forbes reports, and businesses have to pay greater attention to the conversations that are occurring about their brands.

These conversations are being more readily had via the Internet and social media platforms. Before they’ve even stepped into a rental office, potential residents can read reviews of apartment communities or ask friends what they’ve heard about a property. 

And it’s not just about the property itself — it’s about the personal interactions, too. How you respond to concerns or complaints is equally important, so be sure to combat negative reviews quickly and effectively.