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Will Prospective Renters See Your Ads?

ad blocker

Apple provides ad blockers for its mobile devices.

Apple’s iOS 9 update includes the option to download an ad blocker that prevents ads from popping up in its Safari browser. This could put an estimated $12.5 billion dent in the $70 billion spent on ads each year.

The ad blockers will only work in the Safari browser, not advertising pop-ups. They could help boost load times and exhaust less bandwidth. (They also could hit the bottom line of Apple competitor Google while still maintaining Apple’s business interests in in-app advertising.) 

Consumers have been using ad blockers on their personal computers for years, with the number of users growing to nearly 200 million in 2015. But this is a notable foray into the mobile market at a time when mobile is becoming the prominent technology for search

Other developers also are testing similar blockers for mobile devices to combat the growing issues consumers are experiencing with mobile ads (namely that they are often invasive to the content users are trying to access and cumbersome to circumvent). These products will block ads on all browsers, including Safari, and they’ll be available for Android devices, allowing even more mobile users the option of preventing ads from popping up on their screens.