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Will New Communities End Commuting Nightmares?

Commuting Nightmares

Digested from “Transit-Oriented Developments Rising” Axiometrics (6/1/16) Brewer, Steve

Today’s city planners are developing Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs) to make their communities more easily navigable without cars. They want to make work, home and shopping easier to reach by walking or by public transportation.  

TODs are designed to cut down on commuting times, and they’re becoming popular across a wide demographic, including millennials and retirees, who appreciate the convenience of an urban lifestyle. 

New TODs are driving development investments in the Twin Cities. 13,700 housing units are being built (some are live now) near the Green Line, a light-transit rail line (LRT) that connects Minneapolis and St. Paul. Also in Minneapolis, luxury high rises are popping up within steps of the Blue Line. 

Denver also is developing TODs to go along with its mass transit expansion. In Arvada, Colo., a 154-unit community is being developed near the new Olde Town station on the area’s Gold Line LRT. The Olde Town neighborhood has seen nearly $175 million in apartment industry investments, which is helping to revitalize the area.

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