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Wi-Fi and Walkability: What Students Want in Housing Accommodations

Wi-Fi and Walkability

Digested from “The 5 Most Wanted Student Housing Amenities”
Axiometrics, Inc. (3/16/16) Brewer, Steve 

College students want more than easy access to campus and safety and security. Here are the top amenities students and their respective parents are looking for:

Good location: Students want to walk to their classes and not worry about parking their cars on or near campus. A walkable route to campus means students can sleep in a bit before their classes. The rub is closer proximity also means higher occupancy, rents and lease-up rates.

Internet Access: Tech-savvy students rely on excellent Wi-Fi connectivity to plan their lives at college. Properties are adapting to the ever-changing technology boom by including amenities such as refrigerators with a built-in media center.

Security features: This is a big must have for students and their parents. They are looking for features such as controlled access, rules of conduct, and properties that have sufficient lighting and are well maintained. A property that includes security patrols is a bonus.

Privacy and study areas: Space is a key commodity for college students, who often have to share living environments. Many are willing to pay more for personal bedrooms and bathrooms. A dedicated study space in the meantime offers needed time away from a roommate. Unsurprisingly, students are looking for high-speed technology in study areas.

To learn more about student housing needs, NAA's Rewind program for its Student Housing Conference & Exposition is an excellent resource.

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