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Why Responsive Web Design Matters

Responsive Web Design

Digested from “The Future of Apartment Websites” from Property Management Insider (9/19/16) by Simpson, Jon

As more people access apartment community websites from mobile devices, responsive website design—which means the site adjusts to fit the screen size that is accessing it—has become more important than ever.

Here’s what you need to know:

A mobile-friendly site isn’t necessarily responsive. Mobile-friendly sites are often bare-bones versions of a full website that appears on a computer screen. It is a separate entity from that full site. Compatibility and SEO optimization can be problematic with mobile friendly sites. 

More than 35 percent of web traffic is coming from smartphones or tablets. If your site isn’t responsive, it isn’t properly conveying to more than a third of your potential residents. And that number will likely only grow.

Test your site now. Simply call up your community’s site on a smartphone. Did it resize to fit your screen? If so, it’s responsive. If not, you might want to invest in responsive site design.

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