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Why One Company Changed Paint Suppliers

Paint Suppliers

McDowell Properties’ Andrew Meador was satisfied with his paint supplier. Then a trip to Arizona changed everything.

As the Director of Capital Projects for McDowell Properties’ approximately 20,000 apartments across the country, Andrew Meador has a lot on his plate. Before San Francisco-based McDowell buys a community, Meador is responsible for coordinating the due diligence and physical inspections of the asset. 

After purchase, Meador is responsible for assessing the assets’ physical needs, creating capital budgets and supervising capital projects. He even assists McDowell’s asset managers in monitoring the activities of third-party management companies to reduce expenses and maintain the asset.

With so many jobs to handle, it is easy to understand why Meador was reluctant to change paint companies when a contractor suggested that he try PPG Paints for a job at The Corners at Crystal Lake, a community in Winston-Salem, NC. “I didn’t go with them because we were satisfied with the supplier that we had been using,” he says.

But that contractor wasn’t deterred and invited Meador to PPG’s Multi-Family Symposium in 2017 in Phoenix. Needing a break, Meador decided to take him up on the offer. He was quickly impressed by what PPG paints had to offer.

“I’ve been in the business for 32 years,” Meador says. “Normally, contractors and other suppliers are invited to management-type trade shows. This was PPG putting their money into an event. It was so well done.”

And Meador got the opportunity to learn something new. “They had a lot of classes,” he says. “They had an entire day of different sessions. I learned how to make paint. That was kind of fun. They had a session on transitioning from one company to the next. It was very informative.”

The transitioning session turned out to be helpful because soon after the Phoenix symposium McDowell moved exclusively to PPG for its exterior paint jobs. 

“I liked the culture,” Meador says, explaining the decision. “The culture was more intimate than with other companies. Our previous paint supplier was just so big that I struggled with finding the right person. One guy would send me to another guy and another guy before I could get what I needed.

With PPG, it is a one-stop shop. I felt more comfortable with Rob Salmen [Corporate Account Manager] than my previous supplier’s representative. They sold me. It just felt more boutique.”

So far, after using PPG paint on four projects, Meador is thrilled with the company’s service and the simplicity of its process. His contractors are also on board with the switch. 

“I make a phone call and tell Rob [Salmen] when I’m about to do a job,” Meador says. “Their local guy [in the area where the job will occur] then writes me a paint scope. I receive that paint scope and the paint is delivered to the contractor. At the end of the job, PPG gives me their warranty. It’s that simple. I am very happy with them.”