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Why the Move-In Checklist is Still Important

Move-In Checklist

Digested from Multifamily Insiders.

Walking an apartment on move in and move out still has great value.

In today’s modern, tech-driven property management world, it is easy to forget the basics. But never lose site of the move-in and move-out checklist, Joe Killinger writes for MultifamilyInsiders.

“The move-in and move-out checklist is a convenient, all-inclusive and reliable way to document the property’s condition,” Killinger writes. “[Residents] can benefit from a move-in checklist because any existing conditions will be predated to his/her occupancy. This checklist helps the property manager by reducing liability risks due to disagreements related to security deposit reimbursement; thus, protecting the value of the property.”

To properly complete the move-in checklist, Killinger advises managers to document each room of the community individually. Once the checklist is complete, the manager and the resident must sign it and any discrepancies between them must be noted.

Another walk through is completed upon move out.

“Any significant damage to the rental property that is not considered typical wear and tear must be documented,” Killinger writes. “By documenting these damages, the cost of replacement or repairs can be deducted from the security deposit. Mail a completed, signed copy of the checklist to the former tenant’s new address.”

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