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Why Maintenance Matters to Marketing

Marketing Training

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

By strengthening their alliance with maintenance, marketing departments can help ensure their message is getting out to residents and prospects.

Marketing teams need to be able to communicate to multiple stakeholders throughout a multifamily organization.

While onsite teams may need marketing tools, resources for resident and prospect communications and leads, operations teams need reporting and analysis. But Samantha Chalmers, writing for Multifamily Insiders, says marketing teams can’t forget about maintenance.

“We have creative suggestions for staging a long-standing unit, but they are the ones who will actually stage the unit,” Chalmers writes. “They know the most common maintenance requests at the time of move-in and move-out.  And we are able to provide better branded resident communications to reduce these requests, making a better experience for both the new resident and maintenance team. We see common complaints in online reviews, and the maintenance teams are often the ones best equipped to address those issues.”

Chalmers says marketing classes for maintenance technicians can improve the alliance between the two departments. It also helps to create ways for maintenance to send feedback to marketing.

“Our maintenance team members are the ones walking communities daily. They are the first to know if a lead generation banner or leasing directional signage is damaged and needs to be replaced,” Chalmers writes. 

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