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Why Good Maintenance Leads to Good Resident Relations

maintenance staff

Digested from “Apartment Maintenance Staff Fundamental for Resident Retention: 4 Tips to Secure Contract Renewals” (2/18/16) Ross, Lauren 

Good landlord-tenant relations aren’t just about the property manager’s relationship with residents. How quickly the maintenance staff responds to resident complaints about issues can make or break a decision to renew a contract.

Unresolved tenant complaints about a leaky faucet do matter—many people choose to rent because of the added plus of having a maintenance staff. An unhappy tenant who leaves a community because maintenance was poor can write a bad review. To avoid this scenario, property managers can take the following steps:

Make sure everyone’s on the same page: Poor communication between the maintenance and office staff on an apartment issue can lead to frustrated tenants. 

Check in after a maintenance service: It isn’t enough for maintenance staff to come in and fix a plumbing issue or get the hot water heater to start working again. Follow up with the tenant after the job is done, by either phone or email, to make sure the problem has been fixed for good. Even better: Get a staffer to come by the unit and follow up in person. 

It’s a team effort: Residents will appreciate it if you and your maintenance team get together to troubleshoot issues. Look over the most requested work orders and work as a team to see if you can resolve repeat issues. 

Apologize if things go wrong: A sincere apology goes a long way toward smoothing things over with tenants if a recurring issue in a unit can’t be resolved right away. Property owners should take steps to ensure that tenants are as comfortable as possible and should stay in touch with them while the issue in their unit is being resolved. 

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