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Why Class B and C Apartment Communities Are Great Long-Term Investments

Long-Term Investments

Digested from “There’s Money in Class B, C Multifamily” (1/26/16) Rogal, Brian

Although Class A apartment sales often get the most media attention, there is strong investment interest in Class B and Class C apartment communities, especially given the high renter demand for affordable housing. 

Property sales in Chicago suburbs highlight the continued interest in more affordable properties, as numbers have jumped 20 percent over 2013. And Class B and Class C properties meet an important need not only in the renter market but in investment portfolios as well: Despite high renter demand for such properties, the new supply coming to market is primarily made up of Class A developments.

Rent metrics also support these observations, which were showcased in a Kiser Group sales data report. Class B apartment communities saw higher rent growth in 2015 than Class A or C properties did.

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