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When You Should Perform an Inspection

Digested from AppFolio

While inspections are common at move-in and move-out, there are times when you may need to drop in on a resident.

You can’t simply enter a resident’s apartment whenever you like. That’s why it’s a good idea to know your local and state laws governing such visits and how to give proper notice.

Obviously, inspections are important at move-out and move-in, but Elizabeth Millar, writing for AppFolio, says routine checks are important.

“One of the most common jobs of a property manager is conducting routine maintenance checks,” Millar writes. “A routine inspection is more than just a quick chat with the tenant at the door to see how everything is going. By doing these routine checks, you help prevent your property from devaluing through issues that can manifest themselves when left untreated.”

Another example is wanting to visit an apartment to check for unauthorized residents.

“An unauthorized occupant is a person living in a rental unit without a legal tenancy,” Millar writes. “This is common when a family member overstays or when a tenant begins to house a significant other.”

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