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What Ranks No. 2 on Resident Survey of Value Drivers

Social media

Digested from The Balance Sheet: Yardi's Corporate blog

Social media skeptics and advocates have debated for years the importance of social media channels in relation to their effectiveness as tools for marketing to apartment residents. Sure, surveys and polls can be conducted to show just about anything, but a recent one by Satisfacts might stop some in their tracks.

Revealed at the 5th annual Multifamily Social Media Summit in Napa earlier this month, “Community Social Media” was listed as the second top value driver by prospective renters – right after “sense of community” – even though only 48 percent of respondents said they would use a community’s social media page, reports the Yardi blog Balance Sheet.

“That means that while they might not be interacting with your pages, they are definitely looking to see what you’re posting,” Balance Sheet writes.

“Even if they’re not participating, they’re watching. We have some lurkers out there,” said Jen Piccotti, speaking then on behalf of Satisfacts at the event.

So you better have something to show your largely silent audience, suggests the blog.

“Social media efforts can’t be inconsistent,” asserted event speaker Joe Nolan. “Regularly posting the things make your properties a good place to call home will help you brand your business, increase your sense of community and win more leases in the long run.”

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