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What the “Me” Generation Looks for in a Rental Unit

Me Generation renters

Digested from “Multifamily Marketing to Baby Boomers” (3/2/16) Ross, Lauren

Apartment living isn’t a draw just for millennials; their parents like it too — provided that buildings come with plenty of amenities and are located in safe neighborhoods.

Research shows that millions of baby boomers are giving up their homes to sign apartment leases, as homeownership continues on its downward course. To attract the “me” generation and appeal to their sensibilities, tailor your rental website to include keywords such as “clean,” “quiet” or “safe.”

Boomers ages 45 to 64 like their creature comforts: gyms and pools are a big draw. Using lots of visuals on your website to describe an apartment’s open floor plan or kitchen amenities is a savvy marketing tool. This generation seeks details, so be sure to include a 3D floor plan or a virtual tour.

Baby boomers also look at online reviews to help make decisions about rental properties. Property managers should keep track of the reviews and respond to comments.

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