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What Constitutes a Top Student-Housing Market?

Enrollment is critical for preleasing, but social life may also play a role in successful student-housing operations.

Although parents may not be fond of sending their children to “party schools,” campuses with an active social life aren’t necessarily having a hard time filling beds. Six of Niche Ranking’s top 20 party schools have surpassed the national average for student-housing preleases this fall, and seven of the schools boast occupancy rates of more than 92 percent.

But the nightlife isn’t the only reason many of these schools are attractive, Axiometrics reports. Many are also strong sports schools, with strong academic reputations to boot. 

Pennsylvania State University, for example, boasts the highest prelease and occupancy rates among the biggest party schools and also ranks among the top 10 universities overall, with the highest POSH preleasing rate. The university is considered a “public ivy” school for its academic excellence, and the football team has a dedicated following.

University of Colorado-Boulder and Michigan State University don’t rank quite as high on the party scale but are among the top three preleasing POSH universities. Other top preleasing POSH properties include those at University of New Hampshire, Colorado State University, Missouri State University, University of Tennessee, Appalachian State University and Clemson University.  

Those on the party school lists that don’t rank among preleases could be missing an opportunity. Others, such as Tulane University in New Orleans and the College of Charleston, may also be competing for housing opportunities elsewhere in major metro areas.