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WeLive Apartments Create a Dorm-Room Atmosphere for Adults

WeLive Apartments

Digested from “This new apartment is like a college dorm for grown-ups” The Washington Post (5/2/16) McFarland, Matt

WeWork is known for its stylish collaborative office spaces, but this month they’re stepping into the apartment industry in New York City and Washington, D.C. WeLive is a communal living space, where tenants rent small furnished apartments — microunits — and share common areas.

WeLive offers amenities and month-to-month lease flexibility that some renters find desirable. The apartments aren’t dissimilar to a college dorm room, in that they may not have complete kitchens, and some of the beds fold into a wall. But the apartments’ common areas include game rooms, lounge areas and full-size kitchens.

WeLive spaces are set up to encourage social interaction among tenants. “We want you to be able to look at what’s going on [in the common areas] and see if you know someone,” said Miguel McKelvey, the WeWork co-founder.

WeLive appears purpose-built for millennials in their 20s and 30s, but all ages are able to rent.

In Crystal City, outside of Washington, D.C., a studio apartment starts at $1,640; in New York City, units start at $2,550.

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