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Voice and Video Will Lead the Next Generation of Mobile

Voice and Video Mobile Usage

Digested from The Wall Street Journal

Tech companies see large growth potential in the developing world, where users with poor literacy are avoiding text.

To find the next hot trend in mobile, you may want to look to the developing world. That is where tech companies are going.

In countries like India, Bangladesh, Oman and Cambodia, low-end smartphones, cheap data plans and intuitive apps are allowing a new generation of smart phone users to navigate the internet despite poor literacy, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Eric Bellman.

“Instead of typing searches and emails, a wave of newcomers—‘the next billion,’ the tech industry calls them—is avoiding text, using voice activation and communicating with images,”  Bellman writes. 

These users’ preferences are forcing tech companies to reimagine their products for environments with slow connections and little data storage. In these countries, they face competition from local tech firms that know the market better. Users are flocking to applications like UC Browser, MX Player and SHAREit.

“We are seeing a new kind of Internet user,” Caesar Sengupta, who heads a group at Alphabet Inc.’s Google trying to adapt to the new wave, told Bellman. “The new users are very different from the first billion.”

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