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Voice SEO: What You Need to Know

Digested from Practical Ecommerce

Voice search volume is gaining on text search but that might not mean you have to revamp your keywords or phrases.

With the growing popularity of voice-enabled, Internet-connected devices, more customers are using voice search. Soon, voice search will outnumber text-based search queries, according to Armando Roggio on Practical Ecommerce.

With local searches representing 20 percent to 30 percent of all voice search queries, the challenge for apartment marketers: How to capitalize on this trend.

R​oggio suggests that people search differently with voice than they do through text.

“Voice-based search queries, in contrast to text searches, are more conversational,” he writes. “These queries include many more words and may often take the form of a question. ‘What are the best new running shoes in 2017?’ or ‘What are the best new running shoes for a 110-pound, 17-year-old girl?’ ”

With Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft improving its efforts regarding language recognition, Roggio says that it may not be worth a marketer’s time to revamp their target keywords and phrases.

Voice could also change the way results are presented. For instance, in some cases, a single video may be more helpful to a searcher than a list of ten links.

“Put another way, marketers know that voice search results may be presented differently than text search results, which could impact SEO,” Roggio writes.

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