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Why Video May Not Be the Best Way to Reach Millennials

Best Way to Reach Millennials

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

When it comes to marketing to Millennials, authenticity matters. Just ask one.

During the past decade, a lot has been written about marketing apartments to millennials. Many of these of articles have been written by people who were not in that age cohort.

In attempt to understand what resonates with Millennials, Donald Davidoff went to his 23-year-old daughter. What he found may be enough to give apartment marketers pause.

While video is all the rage, Davidoff’s daughter was skeptical about anything other than “behind the scenes-type” stuff that would give viewers an inside look at an apartment renovation.

“Yeah, Millennials like videos but not about our apartments?” Davidoff’s daughter told him. “We like Buzzfeed videos. We do not expect Buzzfeed videos from apartment companies, and if they attempt that, it feels like a parent who’s trying to be cool and just isn’t. We are also not going to post anything about apartment companies on social media. The only good use of video I can think of would be a video tour of what the apartments and amenities look like.”

Social media can resonate with Millennials if it is used correctly, according to Davidoff’s daughter.

“If you have a social media presence make sure it is something that is actually useful for residents,” she told her father. “A Facebook page staffed by someone who is there to answer questions about the residence, who posts interesting tips like what I listed above or posts about public events happening in the area, and who keeps people updated about maintenance of the public areas in the complex, etc. would be useful and therefore is something that Millennials would likely follow and would help establish a sense of community at the apartment.”

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