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Using Social Media to Increase Satisfaction

Social Media Increase Satisfaction

Digested from Multi-Housing News

By correctly targeting the right audience and being engaging and authentic, apartment operators can improve engagement.

With such a competitive market, especially in metros with high numbers of apartment deliveries, apartment operators need to do everything they can to stay ahead of the pack.

Social media is one way to do, Western National’s Scott Wickman writes in Multi-Housing News.

The first way to stand out through social media is by targeting platforms that reach your core audience and then devising a strategy to cater content to appeal to these different demographics and share that content on the appropriate social channel.

“For example, the younger Millennial and Gen Z generations are much more active on Instagram and Facebook than their Baby Boomer counterparts.” Wickman writes. “That said, Baby Boomers are more active on Facebook than they are on any other social platforms.”

After that, it is up to the apartment operator to produce engaging, real-time content, including regularly updated blogs and community-wide Instagram contests. It is important to be informative, however, authenticity is the key.

“Growing up in the digital age, residents and prospective residents, especially the younger generations, can smell an ad a mile away and know when they’re being sold something,” Wickman writes. “By expanding social strategies to utilize these features, property managers can appeal to current and prospective residents by making them feel more involved and offer a ‘real-life’ authentic experience.”

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