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Using Sales and Marketing to Get Past Ghosting

Leasing agents

Ghosting doesn’t only happen in the dating world. Just ask any leasing associate. Find out how to keep it from happening to you.

You’ve had engaging conversations with a prospective resident and they’re genuinely considering moving into one of your apartments. Then, poof, they’re gone. No follow-up, zero response to your messages, no correspondence whatsoever.

You’ve been ghosted.

But as industry aficionado Kate Good explained at the Apartmentalize session, “Sales and Marketing to Get Past Ghosting,” a reason probably exists as to why you were ghosted. Good, Senior Vice President of Development and Operations for Hunington Residential, also imparted tactics to avoid future ghosting occurrences.

“Today, people have a lot of choices, and it’s up to us to make sure that we’re not ghosted,” said Good, also a member of The Apartment All Stars management consulting and speaking group. “Ghosting is what is standing in the way of conversion, and we have to find a way to stand up to that. How are we going to stand out and be the brand that they pay attention to?”

If you’re ghosted, don’t feel bad. A whopping 78 percent of those aged 18 to 33 report having been ghosted in some capacity. And, it’s a frequent occupational hazard in the apartment industry. The idea is to learn from the experience and evolve from it.

Reasons why a prospect ghosts you vary. They range from timing, the prospect working with a competitor, the community doesn’t fit their need or maybe you’ve made a mistake. Perhaps you called them by the wrong name, your advertised rate doesn’t match the actual rate, your listed office hours are inaccurate or your application process is too cumbersome and drives them away. Perhaps the customer is “just not that into you.”

“When we look at these concerns, we can also look for ways to overcome them,” Good said. “Improving on your mistakes allows you to build a brand that people like to engage with.” Additionally, “People buy from people they like. Be the professional who focuses on relationship building rather than price and square footage. Always remember that people genuinely do not want to disappoint you.”

Good mentioned prominent brands such as Delta, Burberry and Wendy’s, which have cultivated a consistent message. After implementing a cheeky social media campaign that included an epic Twitter feud with rival McDonald’s, Wendy’s experienced a 49.7 percent year-over-year sales growth. Customers reach out to these brands via social media on a daily basis. The conversation never ends because these brands continue to engage the customer. You won’t find ghosts here.

The overriding message is that building a fun, exciting and consistent brand is attracting consumers and helps to avoid sales and marketing teams from being ghosted.