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Use Move-Out Notices As an Exit Interview Opportunity

Move-Out Notices

Digested from “‘Here’s Your Form,’ The Response To A Move Out Notice”
Property Management Minutes (12/27/15) Hammond, Lori

Move-out notices are an essential component of apartment operations, but they don’t have to be purely administrative. Use move-out notices as an exit interview opportunity to better understand why a resident is moving and to potentially reverse his or her decision.

Taking five minutes to talk to departing residents about why they’re leaving and where they’re going gives the leasing staff an opportunity to play up the benefits of that apartment community compared with other properties. For example, residents may assume that the services they use at a current residence will be available at any community, which is not always the case. And although a single-family home may offer more space, it also requires more maintenance, such as lawn care and snow removal, which is handled by the staff at the apartment community.

Proactive communication can also prevent move-out notices from being submitted in the first place. If you make sure your residents feel attended to, the renewal process is bound to go more smoothly.

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