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US Apartment Sizes Are Shrinking

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Digested from “As US Apartments Get Smaller, Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston Rank among Top Cities with Largest Rental Units” (6/23/2016) in Rent Café by Otet, Ama

Since 2006, apartment unit sizes in the US have been shrinking steadily, Rent Café Blog reports. Studio apartments have seen the sharpest reduction in overall square footage. In 2006, studios averaged 614 square Feet; now they're only 504 square feet on average. The average American apartment is 889 square feet. 

While the average size has decreased by 8% over the last 10 years, some cities have been more affected than others. The West Coast offers the smallest apartments, on average. However, southern cities like Atlanta, Ga., and Charlotte, N.C., offer some of the largest city apartments in the country.

While shrinking sizes have some renters worried, stagnant rents are what have them alarmed. Popular destinations like San Francisco have seen rent stay the same, or even rise, while square footage has declined.

To entice the younger millennial crowd, property owners are easing the blow of less space with more amenities, like communal lounges, barbecue areas and gyms.

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