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The Universities with the Most Supply Coming Online

Digested from RealPage

The list of schools with the most supply coming online includes a surprise in the top spot.

Student housing developers are set to deliver as many beds in 2019 as they did in 2018. As usual, some universities will see more new construction than others.

In 2018, Florida State University and Texas A&M University received the most new supply with 2,700-plus beds and 2,487 new beds, respectively. But this year, there will be a surprising new leader in supply.

“Purdue University ranking as the nation’s #1 university for total beds delivering in 2019 may come as a surprise,” wrote RealPage’s Carl Whitaker. “Purdue’s previous highest total delivery volume was a comparatively meager 764 beds, which ranked just 29th highest among the 73 U.S. universities receiving supply that year. But the Indiana school will be the only one in the nation to receive more than 2,000 units this year.”

While Purdue’s inclusion on a list of schools with most new supply may surprise observers, the second-place institution, Florida State, is a stalwart on the list.

“At #2, Florida State University is no stranger to construction this cycle,” Whitaker writes. “In fact, Florida State ranks second nationally – behind Texas A&M – when stacking up total deliveries [10,530 beds] since 2011. Almost 1,700 beds are set to deliver at the Tallahassee campus in 2019.”

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