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Customer Experience & the Digital Journey

Customer Experience
September 2019

You’ve probably carefully honed the customer experience at your properties – from the gorgeous curb appeal to your friendly onsite leasing team. But are you providing the same level of the customer experience online?

Online renters expect digital curb appeal and seamless user experience. If your property website has bad photos, poor functionality and broken links, do you think prospects will want to take the next step? Or will they bounce to a competitor’s site? To convert more online leads to leases, you have to consider today’s digital journey and optimize the customer experience accordingly.

First impressions happen online

Today’s online buyers have more options and broader market visibility than before. They demand a good user experience from every brand. We need to understand where our leads are coming from as a starting point to an effective property marketing strategy.

Did you know?

  • 79% of prospects search a community’s website
  • 40% visit a community’s social media channels

This means your digital curb appeal needs to be optimized everywhere a prospect encounters your business.

3 ways to win on your website

How do you attract more leads?

  • Don’t let a bad user experience cost you. Make sure visitors have the information and tools they need to keep moving forward.
  • Don’t leave renters guessing. Many communities display only one image per floor plan, but a great way to maximize engagement and conversions on your floor plan page is to provide multiple images.
  • Don’t shortchange your SEO. Be sure you add short but sweet descriptions to all your amenities. This creates helpful content for both prospects and search engines. Not an SEO specialist? Don’t go in alone, bring in the experts with RENTCafé Reach!

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