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Three Reasons Recessed Lighting is a Modern Must-Have

Modern lighting
September 2018

By The Home Depot

Lighting is one of the first features potential and current residents notice about apartment homes. It can change the atmosphere of the space and highlight positive elements including other design-focused investments like updated hardware and cabinetry. If your community is looking to upgrade current fixtures to clean, clear light, recessed lighting is an excellent option that can really make the room shine.

Property managers should ask themselves some key questions before updating or installing a recessed product. Is it important to have different color temperatures and light outputs in various rooms, will that change by room? Is glare a factor in choosing recessed light? It’s possible to solve for it all.

Recessed lights have a design that is functional for property managers and pleasing to the eye for residents, giving any room a needed upgrade to better quality light. Here are three reasons recessed lighting should be your next facility upgrade:

Design: A Modern Touch

Recessed lighting is undeniably one of the most attractive lighting options available. The shape of the trim and baffle hide away and become flush within the ceiling to offer a clean look. With flush-to-ceiling lighting, areas with low ceilings immediately have more space and all areas receive light without a focal point of a drop down fixture.

For the sleek aesthetic of a recessed light with the benefits of energy-efficient technology, Commercial Electric has developed an LED Color Changing Recessed Trim that is high quality at a great value with five white-color temperatures in one light that can be easily adjusted using an integrated switch. Available in 4- and 5/6-inch sizes, these lights are easily retrofitted into existing recessed cans and make upgrading the space a breeze. The retrofit LED downlight is a replacement for 65W incandescent bulbs and exclusively available at The Home Depot.

Function: Leverage Lighting

Aside from the modern look of recessed lighting, the downward, directional nature of the light type gives residents better visibility and creates more light in the space versus other source types. Recessed lighting can be dimmable, giving residents greater control over the atmosphere in their home without purchasing different lamps or lights.

Commercial Electric created an LED Customizable Recessed Trim, which allows the user to create up to 30 customized lighting configurations. The light is highly versatile with the ability to illuminate areas with up to 15-foot ceilings. Select from five white light color temperatures and three brightness settings using integrated switches to create a unique look. These fixtures also score a 90 on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), ensuring high quality color representation. With black or white baffle options, property managers are able to better customize based on the room’s style.

Another key benefit to the system, the 30-in-1 fixture’s all-metal construction is wet-rated, so lights can be installed near showers without leakage or gaps.

Simply Sustainable: Save Energy, Time and Money

According to the Department of Energy, “There are at least 500 million recessed downlights installed in U.S. homes and both CFL and LED technology can decrease downlight wattage by 75 percent or more.” No matter the time of year or building location, energy savings remain a concern. LED lighting can help reduce energy expenditures and keep apartments well lit without the added heat from traditional incandescent bulbs.

Commercial Electric’s LED recessed lighting selections are Energy Star rated with a 50,000-hour rated life. This way, maintenance crews won’t need to worry about replacing lights often or each time an apartment is turned. Property managers can enjoy sustainability benefits and functional qualities that ensure high performance in each unit.

With new options for modern lighting, both residents and property managers will benefit from letting their [recessed] lights shine.