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Machine Learning Meets Multifamily

September 2018

By Yardi

Do you like the sound of more access, more control and more results when it comes to your data? With current business intelligence software, you can present and analyze your existing operational information from different perspectives. Now, the multifamily industry will have access to advanced tools that go beyond presentation and into predictive and prescriptive analytics to elevate portfolio performance.

This fall, Yardi introduces Yardi Elevate for multifamily. The suite features the all new Asset Intelligence solution, which will incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve business performance. Designed specifically for CEOs, COOs, asset managers and other operational managers, Yardi Elevate delivers unprecedented portfolio visibility with in-depth operational data and predictive insights. With broader, cleaner data sets, the system will learn over time while connecting data and decision-making across disciplines — from revenue management to marketing, expense and revenue budgeting and forecasting, market valuations and beyond. These keen recommendations will help companies make excellent business decisions that reduce risk and elevate asset performance.

Data to Drive Results

Billy Pettit, president of Pillar Properties, said that being able to see detailed information and metrics for the company’s entire portfolio in one location with Yardi Elevate is exactly what he had been waiting for.

“Elevate empowers Pillar Properties to take a forward-thinking approach. There’s more competition now than there ever has been, and using a tool that enables us to be more proactive is something we will really benefit from moving forward,” Pettit said.