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10 Things 'Liked' on the #Apartmentalize Twitter Feed

#Apartmentalize Twitter Feed
September 2018
  1. Honestly, we’re getting more requests for black-out curtains from our residents so it’s easier for them to “see” the screens on their smart devices.
  2. More and more, our residents are “hanging out” at the community all day, because young workers are [seeking the chance] to “work from home.” Apt companies need to cater to this.
  3. An onsite Apt staff person might be the nicest person a resident sees or speaks to all day. Treat residents w kindness and respect at all times.
  4. The audience agrees, 40% of HVAC system replacement was done (at high cost) because system was mis-diagnosed or repaired incorrectly.
  5. On responding to Gen Z, “they expect a response immediately, but they don’t expect a resolution immediately.”
  6. “Too many times, we listen to respond instead of listening to understand.”
  7. Maintenance techs are often resistant to new technological tools, but 99% of the time they end up liking them.
  8. Good advice to suppliers about marketing emails, “I shouldn’t be doing the work to figure out what you’re trying to sell.”
  9. People love to get Starbucks gift cards as rewards. I’m given many of them...AND I DON’T EVEN DRINK COFFEE. Come see me.
  10. Peer-networking is a great way to share maintenance resumes and find out-of-market job candidates.