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FPI Management’s Got H-E-A-R-T

company culture
September 2017

At FPI Management, the acronym “HEART” guides its company culture.

Carrie Briggs, its VP of Marketing & Revenue Management, says management can make the effort to nurture results and build loyalty among staff members simultaneously. While acknowledging the metrics-driven nature of apartment housing, Briggs said, speaking on a panel at the 2017 AIM Conference in May, “It’s how you treat people that’s most important.”

H = Humility (to be conscientiously mindful of others before self)

E = Excellence (to do all things with integrity and in the best way possible)

A = Accountability (to be present & perform responsibly)

R = Respect (to develop character that accepts and embraces difference)

T = Teamwork (to encourage collaboration, inside & outside the company)

“Tune in to what’s important to your employees and give just a little bit,” she said. “The industry chatter out there is pretty blunt. Some employees feel dissatisfied, like they’re always being measured and babysat. But it’s never too late to turn this around.”

Briggs explained that processes are driven by net operating income (NOI).

“And NOI is driven by the team,” she said. “[So], what’s the culture? What’s the turnover? Cultivating and nurturing are the main ingredients in your secret sauce.”