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More Than Just Paint

Paint expertise and service
October 2018

PPG PAINTS ™ offers more than just paint. With more than 2,400 company-owned stores and independent dealers nationwide, and part of PPG, a recognized global coatings leader, you get product expertise, service, and solutions for the multi-family industry.

Simplify Your Turns

Multiple products by PPG Paints simplify the make-ready process. BREAKTHROUGH!® is a quick drying, satin or semi-gloss paint. “For multi-family this lets you paint a door to a unit and put it back into service in less than 20 minutes. It bonds to most substrates and provides early block-resistance” Bob Schillinger, National Sales Manager says.

To repair textured walls, try HOMAX® Aerosol Textures. The aerosol application is convenient, low odor, easy to clean up and ready to paint in 30 minutes.

Tubs and sinks can be refinished easily with Homax TOUGH AS TILE®. Refinishing instead of replacing, with a convenient spray application, saves time and money.

Another solution sold by PPG is Paint SCENTsations®, which comes in eight scents that, when mixed into paint, can help eliminate unwanted odors such as smoke, spices, or pet odors. The new scent lasts for up to three months and gives the apartment a fresh, clean smell and an opportunity to rent quickly.

Delivery Keeps You Going

PPG will deliver your products to your communities, keeping you on schedule and at no cost to you. “Our delivery managers sit within our markets and control all deliveries for stores within their area, meaning they know where the vehicles are every minute of the day, helping to provide accurate, on-time delivery,” Schillinger says.

Color to Attract and Retain Residents

Color expertise is also a specialty. “PPG spends quite a bit of money and time researching the science and psychology of color,” Schillinger says. PPG developed palettes to target generations; for geographic areas; and for different types of communities, such as urban or suburban. Property managers can preview paint selections using PPG PREVIEWS® PPG’s proprietary system, Schillinger says.

A True Partner

For renovations, PPG takes a partnership approach ensuring communities get the paint coating and quality of work that they need. Schillinger explains that for an exterior renovation, PPG will send a sales expert; write a full spec; include pictures of areas of concern; make product recommendations; provide paint contractor referrals; meet with the contractor before the bid; and conduct a pre-job walk. The partnership includes site visits during prep, prime and finish coat stages.

For maintenance, a special maintenance binder is provided for each community served. The binder provides organization with product and color schedules, technical data sheets, and sales and store contact information. The binder stays with the community and is also helpful when personnel changes occur.

Does your maintenance staff need trained on proper paint application? Through its Pro Partner Program, PPG will provide training that focuses on finding the right product solutions, maximizing efficiencies to drive down costs, and protecting and beautifying your communities.

For more information on PPG Paints contact Bob Schillinger at 314-346-6428; Rob Salmen at 407-408-5091 or visit