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Extinguish Fire Threats: Keeping Residents and Properties Safe

fire safety management
October 2017

October signals the start to National Fire Safety Month, and is a good time to ensure fire safety equipment, such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers, are in good condition. Take this time to upgrade fire safety equipment while educating residents about best practices, procedures and escape routes.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers effectively put out 80 percent of all fires. They can save lives and properties by putting out a small fire or containing it until the fire department arrives. Place fire extinguishers in different areas of the community, including in stairwells, common areas and in each unit, if possible.

Make sure to have the appropriate extinguisher on-hand in the event of an emergency. Check the labels to see what type of fires the extinguishers put out and place it in applicable areas. For example, the Kidde Pro Fire Extinguisher is perfect for apartment communities because it can handle various types of home fires.
Whether building a new community or updating an older one, make sure all codes are met and all precautions have been taken to make a safe environment for present and future residents.

Update or Replace Smoke Alarms

The NFPA reports that the death rate is more than twice as high in homes where there are no working smoke alarms. Optimal locations to install detectors in homes are bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. For larger units, make sure the hallways have detectors. To make this process easier and save time for maintenance staff, replace all outdated smoke detectors with options that feature 10-year lithium-ion batteries and carbon monoxide detection.

If converting every building’s smoke alarms to 10-year battery detectors isn’t possible, look into buying batteries that are longer lasting. Not all batteries are the same, so invest a little more up-front for a product that will last longer and help protect against preventable disasters. For example, Duracell’s Quantum technology is extremely long lasting and has a feature that guarantees batteries for 10 years in storage.

Smart-Alerting Technology

When updating each unit, incorporate products with new technology, making it easier for residents to monitor their safety. Monitors today feature alarms that will vocally alert residents of any potential threats. In the heat of the moment, they explain exactly what type of emergency is happening, making it easier for residents to understand what the threat is and how to react.

The new Kidde Intelligent Wireless Combination Alarm is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that connects wirelessly to other intelligent alarms. This gives each residence maximum safety without the need for an expensive rewire. The Home Depot merchants worked directly with Kidde to make sure this alarm includes everything residents need – it detects both smoke and carbon monoxide, uses a sealed lithium-ion battery that lasts 10 years and features a Smart Hush button that temporarily silences nuisance alarms. It can even be connected to smartphones so residents can receive alerts while away. This combination alarm is only available at The Home Depot.

Julia Buerger, The Home Depot