Thieves as Renters: Spotting a Fake ID
Identity theft scams are alive and well in many markets nationwide, as evidenced by a 2015 situation in Atlanta, reported by Kelly James, CAM,...
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Thieves as Renters
Creeping Concern Over Fraudulent Residents Applications
A recent study finds that the majority of property management companies have been affected by fraud, but due to the emerging nature of the problem,...
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Fraudulent Residents Applications
Sous Chef: A Great Recipe for Boosting Retention
One Chicago community is giving a local chef a year of free rent to conduct onsite catered events and cooking demonstrations.Sous kitchens are...
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Resident Retention
How to Leverage Business Relationships & Maintain Proper Sales Etiquette
Understanding the needs of rental housing operators creates positive interactions.Names mean a lot in the apartment business: Just ask the people...
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Leverage Business Relationships
Investors Turn Away From Urban Core, Focus on Suburban Assets
When making decisions for a long-term hold, there generally is more confidence to deploy capital in the urban core because of their perception...
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Suburban Assets
Secondary, Tertiary Apt Markets Gain Investors' Attention
New construction activity has obviously been focused in the large markets, as has industry attention in general at times.As the current cycle...
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Gain Investors' Attention
Apt Market Pulse: Demand for Apartments Remains Steady
NAA Research's Fall 2018 Apartment Market Pulse breaks down the latest economic numbers.U.S. Apartment MarketAfter a string of quarters...
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Rent vs. Own Debate Swings Dramatically Toward Apartments
Freddie Mac Multifamily research released in October finds a large and growing segment of renters continue to say renting is a more affordable...
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Rent vs. Own Debate
'About Me’ Search Trends on Google Don’t Always Apply to Apts
When people search, they look for information and advice relevant to their needs. In the past, marketers have been gearing up for “near me” searches....
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'About Me’ Search Trends
Four Ways to Prepare Apartments for Winter and Find Savings
As winter approaches, property managers and staff are beginning to consider maintenance projects that will ensure a hassle-free season.With colder...
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Maintenance Training Fills Demand from Within
David Dike has felt the squeeze of the apartment industry’s maintenance tech crunch firsthand.As corporate director of maintenance for Dallas-bas...
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Maintenance Training