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Leveraging Tech on Laundry Day

May 2019

When searching for an apartment, residents often consider a reliable and convenient laundry room a necessity. That said, just having the machines doesn’t cut it. If your building doesn’t have modern, dependable laundry equipment, it can turn a simple chore into a challenge and what should be a revenue generator for you, into a growing expense.

With the implementation of technology, we’re seeing everyday tasks become a little easier. Applications streamline our lives, allowing us to complete simple errands like buying groceries, turning on home lighting while away or checking off items on your to-do list with the sound of your voice. The use of automation, cloud-computing and mobile apps have simplified many day-to-day tasks including commuting, banking and more.

So why not bring these same innovations and conveniences to the laundry room?

Through our network of connected machines, we are introducing the next evolution in laundry. At CSC, we’ve designed the Digital Laundry Room for today’s world, leveraging the same technology that has become indispensable in our lives, like Bluetooth payment, 4G cellular communication and Wi-Fi.

For residents, the CSCPay Mobile App allows them to utilize digital payments, view machine availability, receive laundry cycle alerts, request refunds and even report errors directly to our service team. For building managers, our platforms can be customized to suit the needs of your building to best satisfy residents. This technology also gives owners 24/7 access to real-time revenue, service and usage data at your fingertips, allowing you to optimize this amenity like never before.

Day-to-day life is becoming much simpler. We believe the laundry experience — whether managing the program or using the equipment — should be as simple as using a ride-share service or banking online. With the Digital Laundry Room, our goal is to continue to create a more seamless laundry experience for residents while giving owners a hassle-free way to monitor this service and boost resident satisfaction.