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Effectively Manage Smart Home Tech

March 2020

With the plethora of features smart home technology has to offer, it may appear difficult to keep up.

Property managers must make sure to lay the proper foundation, partly led by the needs and wants in their community, as well as connect all smart tech components to create one functioning system.

While the task seems daunting, it is not impossible and can be done successfully—if done correctly. 

It all begins with the foundation. Jeff Kok, Chief Innovation Officer at Dallas-based Mill Creek Residential, says that it's important to set up the basics before building on your smart home tech stack. This might mean starting with smart locks and thermostats.

For King of Prussia, Pa.-based Morgan Properties, these two had the highest demand.

"We discovered far and away that nearly everyone valued the lock and thermostat," says Greg Curci, Morgan's Vice President of Multifamily Operations. "A much smaller minority had an appreciation for smart outlets and switches."

When making purchases, it's also important to note that different industries might make more use of different technologies. "If you own a three-story home, it's convenient to be able to turn the lights off remotely on the third floor," Curci says. "But in a 600-square-foot studio apartment, nothing's that far away. You just reach over from the couch and turn the lamp off."

Ultimately, regardless of your choices, wiring is key. Your community's Internet access setup should allow residents to manage their smart tech separate from the management network established throughout the building.

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