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Development on Hold at One Big College Town

March 2020

At one large SEC school, local officials seek to put a hold on student housing development.

In Auburn, Ala., city officials are concerned about the expansion of student housing and are seeking to curb new development, according to WTVM's Jordyn Elston.

"The university adopted a plan that basically stated that they are keeping their undergraduate enrollment around 25,000 and their graduate enrollment will be anywhere from 6 to 7,000. So that number roughly ends up at about 31 to 32,000. The inventory of beds that we took as a city, that number is well over 37,000," said Auburn Mayor, Ron Anders.

Auburn's 90-day moratorium may include some zoning changes. "What we simply want to do is take a 90-day pause and evaluate what tools do we have to possibly mitigate the continued over-saturation of student housing in Auburn," said Anders.

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