Inclusive Employment Practices Celebrated
Boston-based Barkan Management is recognized for its workplace diversity. Barkan Management, which manages more than 23,000 units in 17 states...
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workplace diversity
Cities and Suburbs and the Gray Areas in Between
For years, we’ve heard about the mass movement of both businesses and individuals from the suburbs to the city, but recent exclamations of ...
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Aimco Sues Airbnb
Aimco has filed suit in California and Florida state courts seeking monetary damages as well as court orders preventing Airbnb, Inc. from assisting...
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Aimco and Airbnb
Testing Texting and Liking the Results
“Glued to their phones” is how community manager Nicole Hamber, Morehead West in Charlotte, N.C., describes her residents—not an abnormal asse...
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Testing Texting
Make the Music Stop: Dealing with Public Performance License Headaches
Letters continue to be sent to apartment operators and other businesses by performing rights organizations (PROs) SESAC, BMI and ASCAP, seeking...
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Public Music License
Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Starts Today
With a focus on preparing apartment professionals for NAA volunteer leadership roles and career advancement, the NAA Leadership Lyceum continues...
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NAA volunteer leaders
Property Managers Take a Stand to Combat Homelessness
Property management companies such as Equity Residential, Waterton, Freeman Webb, Middleburg, Kettler and AvalonBay Communities have partnered...
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Combat Homelessness
Spring Cleaning Like a ‘Pro’
Spring cleaning is crucial for maintaining communities. Typically, more residents choose the spring and summer months to move, giving property...
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Spring Cleaning
Partner With the RPM Career Launcher to Find Talented Candidates
Who doesn’t love a win-win? Sometimes you’ve got great jobs to fill. And sometimes great job candidates who may be new to RPM just need a ch...
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RPM Career Launcher
10 Reasons Why Playing Company Softball Builds a Winning Culture
1. Bonding. There is only so much bonding that can be done in an office environment. Watching each other succeed and fail on the softball...
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Builds a Winning Culture