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Just in Time…Marketing

Innovative property technology brings together data and computing power for the latest in buzzword-worthy concepts: machine learning, predictive analytics and prescriptive actions. But many are still questioning the benefits of disruptive technology from a traditional standpoint – how will it affect building operations, asset performance and your bottom line?

Early adopters are using tech that connects everything to marketing spend, and it’s just in time to make a huge impact.

From big data…

Businesses can finally benefit from their own big data using a single connected solution. For example, Yardi® Elevate Asset Intelligence combines operational and financial data to deliver powerful benchmarking, predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations that optimize asset performance. You get unprecedented visibility into current asset performance and predicted outcomes to make better decisions faster and hit forecasted returns. The result? Lowered costs, balanced risk and increased revenue.

To smarter marketing

With enhanced asset intelligence comes the opportunity to leverage smarter marketing. Instead of blindly increasing ILS spend to get more leads that may or may not convert, you can use prescriptive analytics to recommend the action that will have the biggest impact for the lowest cost.

Just-in-time marketing uses machine learning to predict future vacancies, then it prescribes the marketing action that will generate leads most likely to convert. Combining Yardi Elevate Asset Intelligence and RENTCafé® Reach, you can see upcoming vacancies, how many units you will fill given your current prospect pipeline and how much you should spend on specific PPC campaigns now to meet future occupancy goals. Optimizing your marketing budget means spending the right amount, on the right channels, at the right time.

The new age of asset intelligence brings together every aspect of property management data for prescribed success. See how leading real estate companies like Pillar Properties does it.