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Trends in AI Show 59 Percent of Searches Are Voice Searches

June 2020

As technology advancements increase, artificial intelligence, voice and virtual assistance continue to be a top choice among many users.

Reports released by Hitwise showed that voice search made up about 59 percent of mobile searches, according to Search Engine Land. Likewise, survey data released last year by Perficient Digital listed voice search as the second choice for mobile searches, under mobile browsers.

Among the voice searches made primarily by smartphone users, the predominant requests were for directions (52 percent), making a phone call (51 percent) and sending a text (50 percent), according to survey data released by Adobe.

A Microsoft report also found directions as a top voice use case, just below “searching for a quick fact.”

Coming up behind smartphones are smart speakers, which are projected to be in well over 50 million U.S. homes, depending on the survey viewed.

Amazon is taking the lead in smart speaker sales, arguably due to its market-leading direct channel and discounting, according to analyst firm Canalys. The company controls about 70 percent to 75 percent of the U.S. smart speaker market, according to analyst reports.

When it comes to virtual assistant usage, Siri and Google are front and center at 36 percent, above Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and other assistants, based on a Microsoft report.

With growing tech improvements in smartphones, and connected devices in homes and cars, usage isn’t set to slow down any time soon.

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