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Reviewing the Reviews: What Residents Think

online review
June 2019

Most apartment reviews fall into one extreme or the other – either very positive or very negative. During the past six months, 72 percent of all online reviews gathered in this data were either a 1 or 5 (on a scale from 1 to 5), reports Some states skew more positive and others more negative when it comes to reviews.

Based on states with at least 50 reviews, the most positive reviews are for apartments in Idaho, New York and Delaware. These reviewers rate their apartments above 4 stars on average.

The most negative reviews were found in Washington and Oregon, with average ratings of 2.1 and 2.3, respectively.

Management and parking are the two topics reviewers complain about most, with almost twice as many negative mentions than positive ones.

When apartment reviewers mention the community itself, pool or staff, they’re more likely to speak positively of those factors. In fact, when reviews describe staff, there are nearly double the number of positive mentions over negative ones.

J Turner Research collects review data on 101,000 U.S. apartment communities across 21 review sites and ILSs. In March, it measured the average star rating of all properties for each state and Washington, D.C. The average star ratings across states is 3.45.

States with the most positive ratings:

North Dakota, South Dakota, New York

States with the most negative ratings:

Nevada, Arkansas, Vermont