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Three SEO & SEM Tips

SEO & SEM Tips
June 2018

Search-engine optimization (SEO) and search-engine marketing (SEM) are powerful tools to increase leads and conversions for your properties. But odds are, you’re already too busy to master those tools.

Below are three quick tips to make SEO and SEM work for you.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of SEO.

Bringing high-quality traffic to your website is tough. It’s even harder to convert that traffic into leads. SEO helps the right renters find your property through organic search inquiries. Make sure search engines understand who you are, what you offer and the content of your website.

2. Don’t go in alone.

Not an SEO specialist? Save time by hiring experts who specialize in driving high quality traffic to your website.

“SEO account managers have the expertise and knowledge to help your website reach more qualified prospects,” explains Catriona Orosco, Manager of RENTCafé Reach at Yardi. “We’re required to stay up-to-date with changes made at Google. We stay educated and aware of what’s important to gain a competitive advantage in search results.”

RENTCafé Reach account managers can also help identify and test other marketing features to improve prospect engagement and lead conversion rates.

“Often, people’s assumptions about what’s important are outdated,” Orosco says. “In addition to the initial optimization efforts and content creation, we’re checking website health on a routine basis, addressing issues and keeping content fresh and relevant based on data gathered from website visitors.”

3. Don’t compete against your own campaigns.

SEM uses paid advertising to direct traffic to your website. Without professional guidance, many users accidentally create counterproductive campaigns.

“One of the biggest mistakes is not fully understanding how to structure your campaigns so that they complement each other instead of competing,” Orosco says. “It’s important that you understand how to set up targeting for locations and demographics, and to identify your top performing queries to effectively maximize your ad spend.”

Fun Fact: On average, RENTCafé Reach SEO & SEM specialists have a 9% click through rate.