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Choosing Pinterest Pins for Apartment Communities

Pinterest Apartment
July 2019

We live in a visual world, especially with the rise of Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat, whose sole focus is on imagery. Therefore, the images selected are extremely important and play a very impactful role in drawing attention to a property or visualizing an overall lifestyle at one of our communities.

Our marketing team is responsible for selecting the images and curating a variety of pins that are relevant and on-trend with our target audiences and prospective residents.

We have more than 28 boards on our Pinterest that include topics from apartment décor to recipes, to pets, to our communities and floorplans, and everything in between that may be of interest to our residents or future residents.

Our team shifts focus and creates new boards depending on the time of year and what may be relevant at that time to our residents. Overall, our image selection process relates back to one question: Does this align with our messaging, our target audiences and is it aesthetically pleasing? Our marketing team is prudent in ensuring that all imagery checks each of these boxes. Our Pinterest page incorporates all three, including professional photos, photos taken by staff and photos uploaded by other users that are re-pinned on our page.

Organizing Our Pinterest Boards

We have several boards featuring our apartment communities that are organized by location such as Los Angeles properties and Orange County properties, among others. These boards typically feature professional property photos—interior and exterior.

Our boards that are more focused on apartment décor and décor ideas or recipes, etc., feature more user-generated content as opposed to our own professional photos or photos taken by our team.

Most of the Pinterest content is uploaded by users who tag the photo with applicable keywords. Our marketing team searches for content in Pinterest that they believe will appeal to our residents and add those pins.

We’ve found that incorporating a mixture of this user-generated content along with our own content allows us to appeal to residents without being overly self-promotional.

A few of our Pinterest boards such as “Everything Apartments”—the most followed board—are ones in which we collaborate with other users and companies. This garners the most engagement and serves as an excellent way for us to interact with people we work with in the industry.
Broad-titled Pinterest boards tend to have a higher following because they give our marketing team a wide range of options to post—room designs, DIY projects, community events, health trends and more. This broad focus also allows us to create a visual story surrounding “creating a lifestyle” about  living in one of our apartment communities.

Our Pinterest page averages 12,900 monthly viewers. Our strategy is to actively spend time gaining followers on our other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and then promote our Pinterest on those sites to residents who are more creative or artistic. Additionally, we add links to Pinterest on all property websites to help attract our residents and potential prospects.