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10 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Baseball Mom

Baseball Mom
July 2019

1. They Will Only Be Little Once

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about the time commitments that come with playing organized team sports; driving all over town (and farther), longer days, etc. But I know that one day I will miss every single moment of it. When my son is off to college and I don’t have anyone to tote around or spend hours at the ballfields with, I will look back at all this time spent and miss it.

2. Whoever Invented Mini-Heaters is a True MVP!

Sure, I’ve caught my flannel blanket on fire a time or two, but boy am I grateful for that little heater during the soggy, cold months that come with living in the Great Northwest.

3. It’s Okay to Let Them Struggle

It can be one of the hardest things to watch but it’s an incredibly important piece of allowing them to grow.

4. I’m His Mom, Not His Coach

There are moments that I really want to talk to my son about why he didn’t charge that ball or why he’s not turning his glove the correct way. But that’s not what he needs from me. He needs me to tell him how much I love watching him play, hand him a snack after his game and be there for him as his No. 1 fan.

5. Do More to Thank Coaches

Just like teachers, coaches are not thanked often enough. They volunteer so much of their time teaching our boys the game, but more important, shaping our little ball players into strong, kind and confident young men. This teaches them more than just the game of baseball, but skills that apply to life. We should all do more to show gratitude.

6. It Takes a Village

There is something truly special about the baseball community and the kindness it provides. Juggling work schedules and the craziness of baseball schedules is tough, but it’s okay to ask for help. Surround yourself with good people and it will all come full circle.

7. Don’t Hang Your Head

Losing can be difficult but it’s going to be all right. Great challenges often come with great opportunity.

8. Your Car Will Become a Beautiful Mess

Changing out of the uniform, muddy cleats, field dirt and snacks will quickly take over your ride. Don’t let it stress you out—it’s nothing the local car wash can’t fix.

9. Friendships Made are Endless

Many months are spent with teammates and like-minded baseball families. It’s easy to create a bond with people you spend so much time with and becomes a valuable part of the team’s success. It’s easier to play ball with teammates who become friends, and we have made many that we cherish! It’s also much easier to support the team they play for when families come together to support them and each other.

10. I Love to Watch you Play!

I take pride in wearing my son’s team swag and scream with excitement when he’s in a slump and then smacks a double at his next at bat. I will never take these little moments for granted because I truly love watching him play ball.