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WinnCompanies to Build Nation’s First Veterans-Centered Community

Veterans-Centered Community
July 2018

The $46 million development will create 102 apartment homes and onsite supportive services to a variety of veteran populations.

WinnCompanies, an award-winning developer and one of the nation’s largest military housing managers, and Brighton Marine, a veteran network community, broke ground on June 18 for the construction of the Residences at Brighton Marine will be built on Brighton Marine’s campus, providing apartments at all income ranges in a transit-oriented location for qualifying veterans and their families who want, but cannot afford, to both live and work in Boston.

The $46 million development will create 102 apartment homes and onsite supportive services to a variety of veteran populations.

The project is a first-in-the-nation model, offering permanent housing for an independent population of veterans. In fact, the mixed-income housing of any type has not been developed on this scale in Boston specifically for veterans since World War II. The development is the first-of-its-kind for these reasons, as well:

  • Available to a wide range of incomes: Eligible income levels include extremely low, low and middle-workforce incomes
  • Number and type of units: Not only do the 102 units represent one of the largest private developments ever created for veterans, but the wide variety of apartment types, ranging from studios to three bedrooms, are a rarity in veteran housing
  • This development is co-owned by a non-profit (Brighton Marine) and a for-profit (WinnCompanies), a partnership never before done in the veterans housing field

There will be 11 studio units, 47 one-bedroom apartments, 33 two-bedroom apartments and 11 three-bedroom apartments, of which 101 units will be contained in a new, seven-story building and one unit will be developed through the adaptive reuse of a historic building that will also have ground-floor community space.

The 102 rental units will a one-bedroom average cost is estimated at $1,686 per month. Not only are the Residences easily accessible to public transit, but they are also near job centers, making it an optimal location for veterans who are entering the workforce.

Gilbert Winn, Chief Executive Officer of WinnCompanies, calls it, “a true veterans’ village.”

Adds Michael Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer of Brighton Marine, “This community will create a sense of place for each veteran and family member by incorporating other critical transitional services such as clinical, wellness and behavioral health services all under the nation’s top-rated military health care program; all on a public transit-connected campus.”