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10 Things I Love About Cycling

Dawn Miller, VP of Marketing, ROSS Management Services
January 2018
  1. The Change of Scenery. In this day and age, I feel like everyone is constantly glued to a screen, whether that’s their smartphone or computer. So there’s something truly rejuvenating about getting your tired eyes away from the screens and taking in the sights of the outdoors instead.
  2. It’s a Challenge. Climbing an especially steep hill or trying to travel a certain distance at a certain speed can be tough. But meeting those challenges provides a real sense of accomplishment and can be a great confidence booster – both when you’re on a bike or in the workplace.
  3. It Gives You Space to Think. There’s no better way to come up with new ideas and solutions to work issues than to get away from the grind and refresh your mind and body with exercise.
  4. It’s All About Improvement. In cycling, you’re always wanting to get better—whether that means biking farther or faster—and you’re always monitoring your performance for improvement. It’s a great lesson for my job in rental housing marketing: set goals for how your department can get better and implement ways to monitor your progress.
  5. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint. Any given bike ride can be a long one, and the process of becoming a good cyclist can be a long one as well. It’s a good lesson for life and career: while it’s important to strive, becoming the team member you want to be can take time. Pace yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  6. It Improves You Physically. The health benefits of exercise are well documented, and are one of the main reasons I make cycling such a priority. Also, it allows me to not feel bad about ordering dessert!
  7. It’s Great for Mental Health. I can attest: The exercise high is real. I always feel simultaneously energized and relaxed after a great ride.
  8. It’s a Ton of Fun. It’s hard to think of a better endorsement than that.
  9. The Helmet. Just kidding. I know they’re not the most stylish things around, but they’ve become somewhat better-looking over the years. And, most important, they keep you safe!
  10. The Companionship. Cycling is a great way to spend time with friends.

Dawn Miller, VP of Marketing, ROSS Management Services